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The Cupcakery

This morning I was walking around The Woodlands’ Market Street Square enjoying the weather when I saw a small shop called the Cupcakery.

I love sweets, so needless to say I found myself being pulled in by the promise of sweet moist cupcakes. I walked in and the first thing I saw was a counter filled with scrumptious looking desserts.

The Cupcakery is a bit small, but very welcoming. For someone wanting to relax and enjoy something sweet, it’s just perfect. It would also be a great place for a wedding/baby shower.

After a longer debate than should have been necessary, I decided to try the Black and White Chocolate Cupcake. It was a chocolate chip cake with black and white buttercream dressing with a small chocolate “nubbin” on the top.

Now, I have to say that I didn’t think the cupcake was all it could have been. The cake wasn’t very moist and the icing on top tasted almost like a canned icing. However, it could have been that I had my expectations too high (I’ve been dieting for a while and was drooling before my fork cut into the cake!). Would I go back and try a different one? Yes, I will give it another try before I decide whether it’s worth it or not. The one cupcake was $3.50, which seems a little pricey to me as well but I would be more than happy to pay it to keep a cupcake specialty shop in business!

For the Love of Football

My husband is a huge football fan (Rams fan to be specific!) so what better place to visit than the Football Hall of Fame?! Mike and I loaded up into our Jeep and headed to Canton, Ohio during the Christmas holidays a few years ago. When I first saw the building I thought “wow…that’s a rather ugly building.” I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting, but this was not it! Of course, the building was erected in 1963 so that explains the dated look as well.

You may notice that it looks like there’s a football stuck in the roof. This particular football had all sorts of colored glass in the “seams” that was quite beautiful from the inside. When you first walk in and look up, this is what you’d see. 

The entire building is a lot larger than it appears from the outside. There are large pictures hanging, team histories, and football uniforms and gear from the beginning of the game. While I enjoy watching a game here and there on tv, I didn’t think I would want to spend much time at the HOF. However, the history of the game was very intriguing and the layout made it easy to see everything without feeling too rushed or overwhelmed.

Anyone who has seen clips of the HOF inauguration has seen the football inductees posing with their busts. Those busts are stored inside a circular room and give a feeling of being in a statue garden. The busts were very well done and it was a bit humbling seeing the older busts knowing that many years down the road, even if that player has passed on his bust will be in the HOF forever unchanged.

In the middle of the busts is a hologram of the ring given to each HOF inductee. It was so realistic, there was a kid that spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out where it was and how to grab it!

The next time I’m close to Canton and the Hall of Fame, I will probably swing by to see the new inductees and other additions.

In 1737, a 31 year old gentleman was name the Deputy Postmaster in Philadelphia. That gentleman was Benjamin Franklin. Ben was originally from Boston, but ran to Philadelphia at 17 yrs old to get away from the law since he had quit his printing apprenticeship (with his brother) without permission making himself a fugitive. He eventually became a leading citizen in the colony, starting the first newspaper in Philadelphia, creating the first library, and contributing to the establishment of the University of Pennsylvania. All in all, Benjamin Franklin was a highly successful and talented man.

When he settled in Philadelphia, he settled on Market Street. Eventually he built a bookstore, printing shop, and Post office facing Market Street. Today, in the same location, is the postal museum and his printing shop:

There is a corridor between the buildings that leads to where Benjamin’s house stood at one time:

The city has erected a structure showing where his house was located. Through out the area you can see the remnants of his place.

Unfortunately, the house was torn down and built over. However, you can still see parts of the foundations and walls underground:

They even uncovered his “privy”…aka bathroom!:

Inside the metal house structure, they have the floor plan marked out so you can get an idea of what the house may have looked like at one time:

It was truly surreal to stand where one of our Founding Fathers lived. I was glad to see the city do their best to keep it alive. They had placards throughout the courtyard showing maps and details of Philly from the 1700’s. One of the more interesting ones was a view of Market Street through the years!

I’m sure Ben would have been a bit surprised to see the street as it looks now. Especially if he saw how people managed to move furniture in and out of the buildings! I couldn’t figure out if they were trying to move the mattress into the building or get it out. What do you think?

One of my husband’s and my favorite shows to watch is Man Vs. Food. Adam Richman cracks me up and it amazes me to see the amount of food that man can pack away. While we were in Philadelphia, we decided to try out one of the places on MVF; The Franklin Fountain (Yes, named in honor of Ben himself). (Starts at 6:07 in the video below)

We punched in the Fountain’s address in the GPS and off we went! We went through some interesting areas of town and had some problems finding parking. Once we found somewhere to park, it was outrageously priced. However, we were on a mission and money isn’t everything….ice cream is!

We found the Fountain without too many problems.

The first thing that hit me was how small it was! I didn’t realize it was that small when watching the show. I did love the nostalgia of it though. The employees were all dressed up and the building itself had beautiful architecture. The Fountain started in 2004; however the building has been around much longer!

Look at these floors! You don’t see very many tile floors like this too often in modern buildings.

They had an old hutch with candy cigarettes and cigars along the bottom cubbies and plenty of other delicious drinks and merchandise throughout.

They even still used an old fashioned cash register with neat little sayings written on the tabs.

All I can say is YUM. The ice cream was delicious and well worth the visit!

Philly Sports

Busboy and I recently went on a trip to Philadelphia, PA. One of the sites we wanted to see while there were the different sports stadiums. My husband is a huge football fan, so of course Lincoln Financial Field was our first stop!

I was surprised at how close the stadium was to the freeway. I felt like we could just reach out and touch it, if we wanted.

Once we found our way down to the stadium, we were impressed to see the entire sports compound. Next door to Lincoln Financial Field was the Wells Fargo Center where the 76 Flyers play!

Behind the Football stadium was the Citizens Bank Park where the Phillies play. I wasn’t able to get a picture of it. Busboy was hoping to get a view of the Vet, but the new ballpark was built on top of where it was.

Martinis and More

My husband (Busboy) and I enjoy going out for drinks every once in a while as a “date night”. We enjoy trying new drinks and what better way to do that than by going to a martini bar?!

One of the places we like going to the most is Martinis & More in the Woodlands, Tx.

We normally get there early to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. It’s a relatively small place, but that makes it cozier in my opinion! I love all of the artwork on their walls as well. It’s like drinking in an art gallery!

The last time we went, they had martini flights where you could choose 3 different martinis for a set price (I think it was $15, but don’t quote me on that). These aren’t the full size martinis, but they’re big enough to know whether you’d want to order another or not!

Busboy likes the drier martinis like the Top Flight with Blue Cheese stuffed Olives. They stuffed the olives at the bar, and according to Busboy they were quite good.

Personally, I like the fruitier versions! Although I did love the Jalapeño stuffed olives (see above)! We have never been there during their busy times or when live music has been there, so I can’t speak for the experience during those points. However, I have enjoyed every visit we’ve made there. The bar tending staff have always been professional and down to Earth.